To provide users of Armored Claw® gloves with product of the highest quality we use genuine materials of world renown, such as:


DuPont™ Nomex® is hiqh quality flame-resistant fiber providing best protection against high temperatures. Products made of Nomex® are widely used by firefighters, military personnel (including pilots) and all those who put the safety first.

Thinsulate 3M®

Thinsulate synthetic fiber by 3M® company is well known for its thermal insulation properties. At the same time it is very thin, which makes it perfect for winter clothing. Its structure allows moisture (for example sweat) to evaporate, which is another advantage.


Schoeller® Keprotec® is protective fabric originally used for motocycle racing. Thanks to highest protective qualities, resistance to tear, abrasion and high temperatures, products made of Keprotec® are used worldwide ensuring not only great level of protection, but also comfort. Additional outer layer of Kevlar® enhances the user’s safety.


Dyneema® is an extremely strong fiber which combines great strength and durability with light weight. The qualities like cut resistance (level 3) and abrasion resistance make it a perfect material for gloves.


DuPont™ Kevlar® is an exceptionally strong aramid fiber, best known for military use. It provides user with high level of mechanical protection, at the same time thermal stability ensures higest quality performance in high and low temperatures. All those features are supplemented by very light weight.


SuperFabric® is created by taking a fabric and infusing tiny, hard guard plates into the fabric. An array of colors, patterns (armor), and fabric make the versatility of SuperFabric® unmatched. Because SuperFabric® guard plates have small gaps between each plate, the SuperFabric® remains flexible, similar to traditional materials.